Dear Guest,

First and foremost, the safety of our guests and staff is our highest priority. Over the last number of months, following the advice from the World Health Organisation, we have devised and implemented several changes to our daily order of business to ensure that we are in line with both WHO and Government standards. These changes that we have implemented are for the safety and wellbeing of both our valued customers and staff.

The following outlines the changes that have been applied to Pery’s Hotel:

Public Areas

Sanitizing stations have been placed at all entrances and exits. We advise guests to use at every opportunity.

Specific signage has been placed in all key areas for customers, guests and staff as a gentle reminder of all protocols that must be adhered to.

Key touch area such as handrails, door rails, tables, counters etc., will be thoroughly cleaned by a member of housekeeping on an hourly basis.

The lift lobby has been restricted to 2 personnel, or one household bubble.

Front Office

Prior to your arrival you will contacted by a member of staff to assure that checking in will be fast and efficient.

All members of the Front Office team will adhere to wearing a face covering while on shift.

Onsite training has been provided to all staff retuning to work to ensure that they are aware of all new protocols and procedures that have been implemented by Pery’s Hotel.

When possible, doors and windows will be propped open so that fresh air can be circulated around the lobby.

We advise that transactions be completed via contactless payment and all documents deemed necessary will be sent via email.

All guest key cards will be washed and sterilised after they are returned to the Front Desk.   


After each room has been vacated, accommodation staff will leave natural air circulate before they commence cleaning.

All areas of the room will be disinfected paying special attention to key touch areas located in the room.

All members of accommodation will be wearing PPE.

All linen will be dispatched for thorough disinfecting after room has been vacated.

While you stay with us, we ask you:

Leave windows open in each room when necessary and before you depart.

Use sanitizing stations that are available to you.

We strongly recommend the wearing of face coverings when entering and exiting the hotel.  

We request that if you have or have had any flu-like symptoms within seven days of your arrival to Pery’s Hotel, that you postpone your reservations until a later date for the safety of all other guests and staff.

If you develop flu-like symptoms during your stay with us, please contact reception by dialling “0” and refrain from leaving your room.

We appreciate your co-operation with us at this difficult time. We look forward to welcoming you back to Pery’s Hotel and hope that it will be an enjoyable experience as always.